"If you don't leap, you'll never know what it is like to fly."

walking to 5 years

The following classes provide an opportunity for your little one to develop fine motor skills along with gross motor skills under the guidance of a certified coach. Classes are designed for the curious and active little one!

Baby Gym

Parented Class (Walking - 2 years) *18 months suggested start age* 40-minute program - boys and girls This class is designed for those little ones that are ready to explore the gym! We’ll start off with circle time, followed by fun and engaging stations and end the class off with a few songs. Free-time is incorporated into the class by the coach’s discretion. Parent involvement is required.

Parent & Tot

Parented Class (2 -3 Years) 50-minute program – boys and girls
This class is designed for little ones who love to move about! They'll be jumping, hopping and swinging in the gym during fun and engaging circuits. A group warm up and cool down is incorporated into the 50-min class. Parent involvement is required.

Kinder Gym

Non-Parented (3 - 5 Years) 60-minute program - boys and girls                                    
Our preschool programs are designed using the Active Start Principles. Active Start encourages preschool aged children to become physically literate, and lead athletic, healthy lifestyles. A variety of teaching methods such as creative play is used to develop a love for being active. Our kinder gym classes focus on fun, fitness and FUNdamentals of gymnastics.


Can Gym program (Ages 6 and older)

Our recreational programs follow the CANGYM Levels created by Gymnastics Canada. The CANGYM Levels include 12 Levels of skill progressions based on Gymnastics Canada’s Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals Educational Philosophy, which helps to create a friendly and stimulating environment for all participants. This program features vault, uneven bars, beam, and floor. 

Can Gym 1-2     Badge Burgundy & Red 

Can Gym 3-4     Badge Tan & Bronze

Can Gym 5-6     Badge Purple & Blue

Can Gym 7-8     Badge Turquoise & Silver

Can Gym 9-12   Badge Orange, Yellow, Green, Gold    



1-hour week program (by level achievement) *may contact us for a level assessment if uncertain* We offer boys CANGYM for badge levels 3 and Level 4. This involves specific skills to prepare for the pommel horse, rings, parallel bars. Drills will be used to develop the strength and flexibility to help acquire skills.