This class teaches participants how to climb, run, swing, vault, jump, and roll with precision. Participants will learn how to use their skills creatively in order to navigate obstacle courses by going over, through, and under features.  (Fall and Winter Session Only)

Ages 7+

Kinder Gym & Cheer

This class will focus on the foundations of cheerleading. Participants will learn basic acrobatic skills, jumps, tumbling, cheer motions, and dance. Participants will create mini routines and learn how to work successfully in a team environment. (will not be offered this Spring).

Ages 4-5

gym & learn

This class is for 3.5-5 year olds and runs once a week for 2 hours. Children will spend 60 minutes participating in gymnastics and 60 minutes doing crafts, reading stories and practicing numbers, letters, shapes, colours and how to recognize and write their name. Children must be fully potty trained. A nut-free snack will need to be provided. (will not be offered this Spring).

Ages 3.5-5

Acro Skills

This program focuses on developing flexibility and strength, handstands, bridges, walkovers and cartwheels. Geared towards dancers, and horse-vaulters.

Ages 6+

Home School

A great way for home schoolers to add a fun-filled physical fitness experience to their learning schedule. Our coaches design the class in a way that promotes fun, fitness and fundamentals. Programs are 60 minutes long and follow the CANGYM guidelines.

Ages 5-12

Tween & Teen Classes (Beginner/Intermediate)

This class is for those who may not want to follow our CANGYM program, are looking to enhance there athleticism to help with other sports. All events will be taught. Class includes warm up, conditioning and a cool-down stretch. New* Classes are divided into Beginner and Intermediate.

Beginner = No prior gymnastics experience or working Can Gym Badge Level 1-4. Intermediate = Prior gymnastics experience and/or working Can Gym level 5 or higher and/or 2 sessions of Beginner Tween/Teen completed.

Spring Session - Levels Combined

Tween - Ages 9-12 Teen - Ages 13-17

Private Lessons

(By Request and Coach Availability)

We’re happy to provide a one-on-one opportunity for your child to focus on their strength, flexibility and skill development. Your child doesn’t have to be registered in our programs to benefit from lessons. Open to non-gymnasts. If you’re interested in private lessons, please contact our club for more information.

AGF $40 Fee Required + Private Lesson(s) Fees.